Welcome to Oakenlander!

Oakenlander Leatherworks produces select luxury goods in small batch quantities for men and women. Aside from the main collection, limited runs are offered in new designs and exclusive leathers.


The main collection is crafted from premium bridle leather from the USA. Premium waxed thread is used throughout the entire range. For corrosion resistance, solid brass/iron hardware from the USA is used whenever possible on all products.


After an item is designed, the components are carefully measured on the hide and cut out by hand. Next, the pieces are assembled (including hardware), the edges sanded, and the item is marked for all necessary stitching. During this process, as few as one single length of thread is hand stitched for a seamless appearance. Raw edges are burnished and/or dressed. The item is then inspected and buffed prior to leaving the shop.


Currently, we offer discounts to active military/contractors/private security. Contact us for more info!