Small Card Wallet:

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Please allow 2 weeks to craft prior to shipment. You will receive progress updates regarding your order. However, feel free to reach out if you have any questions during the crafting process.

Product Details

Our smallest and sleekest wallet designed to easily fit in a suit pocket for formal occasions (or for those who prefer to carry light). Featuring one pocket to keep the footprint as small and thin as possible, it allows space for a cash card, ID, and possibly folded cash.


Buttero full-grain leather (Conceria Walpier, IT)
Premium bonded nylon thread


1 card pocket
Matching thread
Matching edge paint


Designed to carry a cash card, ID, and folded cash


4″ x 2.5″

Feel & Temper

Smooth, stiff

Product Care

If your item becomes soiled, carefully spot clean the area with a quality leather cleaner. Never use high or artificial heat to speed up the drying process – this can damage, dry-out, and deform the leather.

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